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What The #Gravsum?

September 6, 2009

Last Monday I attended Gravity Summit Boston, not really sure what to expect. Needless to say, I was blown away. I could fill three posts with simply insight after insight that people like Todd Defren (SHIFT Communications), Troy Kelley (Arnold Worldwide), Gary Vaynerchuck,MC Hammer (entrepreneur’s and all around brilliant guys) and many others gave throughout the day (If you DO want just that, go to to see the days best tweets). But instead I want to give you the take aways on social media and the Web that impacted me the most while attending:

Flexibility: There is no “by the book” way to go about creating a social media campaign, developing an online presence, or responding to a crisis. Every approach to every situation is VERY different. Just because something has worked for you or someone you know, it most certainly has no bearing on whether it will work for you now. This was demonstrated by MC Hammer himself, who has created a whole new persona through his willingness to open himself through many social media outlets. This ideal also came through loud and clear for me just by watching the case studies. While they all used many of the same outlets (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, video, etc), none of them looked like a template that they took and added their own ingredients. They were all able to adapt mid-campaign to their consumer needs, which is why they were all so successful.

Trust: Rodney Rumford (one of the Gravity Summit founders) said it best during closing remarks, “you gain so much by releasing control.” Trying to control every aspect of what is posted online about you or your company will never pay off in the social space. If your brand is trying to do this, you are not breaking free of the ways of traditional media, and people will only resent you for it. When you are finally able to accept the fact that no brand has 100% approval from consumers, and that you can react and respond to criticism, your brand will be able to gain more loyalty and exposure.

Make it a Company Thing: Yes, having a very interesting Twitter account and interactive Facebook page is a great start for a big brand, but what insight into a company can the consumer really get from these streams alone? Not a whole lot. They will know any big news from the brand, any fun events or promotions they are doing, but they don’t learn about one of the most important parts of a company; the people. Southwest has mastered this completely, they really blew me away. Southwest Airlines thinks that their employees are what makes a great flight, and so they encourage their employees to be active online, especially Twitter. The policy…er…guidelines they have created are loose and well done, mainly identify yourself as Southwest employee and be responsible. Allowing good employees to have fun develops trust in the brand, and will help create loyalty through recognition with people.

PS Thanks to Dave Gerzof @davidgerzof (below with Alleigh Marre @alleighmarre and MC Hammer) for inviting me to this great event.

Gravity Summit with Hammer

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