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3 Keys To [Social Media] Happiness

August 14, 2009

I have recently been thinking about what first got me into sharing and interacting regularly in the online social realm, and thought I would share a few revelations I had last night.

1. Build a Network Within a Network – While having a brief conversation on Twitter with @TaylorDobbs last night we touched on a few things, one of which was tangible metrics of Twitter (followers). We also decided that followers is becoming less tangible with the HUGE number of spammers out there now. What matters within each social network, is your personal network. What I mean by this is, the people you most often share ideas and comments with. This may be 5, or 500 depending on the person, but the number doesn’t matter, as long as you have that inner circle within each network that you find the most valuable and enjoyable to chat with.

2. Don’t Be Shy, Hand Out Compliments – People share their pictures, drawings, videos, thoughts, and everything else for a reason; they want people to like it! You are not going to like everything, but when you see, hear something you like, tell the creator, no matter how trivial the comment. Do this to make others feel good, but also to make yourself feel good because people always appreciate it, and will return the favor in the future when you share something.

3. Don’t Forget That To Be Social You Need To Have Something To Talk About – And I don’t mean have an opinion, because that’s a given, and everyone has an opinion. What I mean is that the social realm started with blogs of people talking about their everyday lives, so make sure to not forget about your off line life. Go out and do awesome stuff, because that’s why you joined, to talk about what you do offline. Too often people focus on talking about only the online world, and forget that a million things are going on outside their door (I would like to clarify that talking about the digital realm isn’t a bad thing, its just not the only thing).

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