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Comcast + 7/11 Smart Ad (I am suprised too)

August 13, 2009


Saw this at 7/11 on my way to work this morning. It isn’t particularly interesting ads themselves, but I thought it was quite innovative placement. I had never seen something like this, ads on drinks in a cooler, but not for anything related to the store. 7/11 is known for accepting all kinds of crazy advertising ideas i nits store, but this one doesn’t even try to partner with anything store related!

This being said, I find it brilliant on the part of Comcast for two reasons; first, it is an unusual, but clearly eye catching ad, because anyone who saw it would wonder what it was about. But secondly, and more importantly, this 7/11 is located in downtown Boston, just off the commons, where thousands of college students go on a regular basis. Combine this with the clearly college targeted ad (offers a low 9 month cost, this is a very common length to rent an apartment because its about how long the school year is), and Comcast has found what I would imagine is a cheap, and well targeted in store campaign. Kudos to you Comcast, who seem to do little right besides have good Twitter customer service!

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