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The Most Interesting Brand in The World

August 7, 2009


Ok, so maybe Dos Equis isn’t the MOST interesting brand in the world, but if I had to rank the most interesting overall ad campaigns recently, they would certainly be near the top. Their ads with “The most interesting man in the world” have made them one of very few beer brands to post a jump in sales this summer (which usually boasts high beer sales for everyone). But not only do they have some awesome ads (see below) FROM Euro RSCG Worldwide, but I have just their new site is awesome too. They pulled me into their site with a very impressive feat: They got me to click on a banner ad (in my last post I said I NEVER do this). They had a compelling ad about classes in their “academy” of how to become like the most interesting man in the world. I wish I had a screen shot of this ad that took up the whole side of Pandora.

Once I clicked, I was hooked on the site (screenshot of homepage above), they have survival in the modern era with Bear Grylls, rites of passage, the art of the bluff (something they say every good con man needs to know), and a few others. This is just a completely engaging site to its target, white collar men who wish they were certified badasses like the man in the Dos Equis ad. On this site they hardly even push the beer, which is what I love about the site, and the ads as well. They just deliver a really cool message, and let the branding take over. But don’t take my word for it, check the site out here.

Any ad campaign that actually makes me go out and buy the product, especially beer since I usually drink whats cheap, is a campaign I put in rarefied air.

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