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There’s No “Chromance” In Google’s Chrome Campaign

May 5, 2009
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For those who are not familiar with it, Google Chrome is a browser that can be downloaded for free from Google (but only for PC’s at the moment). Ever since I discovered gave Google Chrome a try a month or so ago, I can’t get enough of it. It makes pages load faster, you can easily pull tabs into new windows and pull them back, it aggregates your top 9 most visited sites into a pretty format (shown below), and BEST of all, it has NO cluttered toolbars on top!  Chrome

All this being said, I would think marketing Google Chrome would be easy, just tell the people what it is! All that would have been needed to sell me was a quick virtual tour of how to do basic features, but here Google goes and gets all artsy on us with an animates short. I am not knocking the ad, because its kind of entertaining, but it does not really sell you on Chrome at all. The tagline is good, “A new way to get online,” because it is true, it creates a different browser experience, but you don’t know that from the ad! Instead there is a cute little…bunny? type thing who Googles a question and is sucked into the world of Chrome, where he flies around a bunch of odd images. I believe Chrome could become a VERY popular browser because Google, like always, has come out with a simple, but very usable product. I just wish they would advertise in a way that actually showed what Chrome could do!

I recommend all PC’ers out there to get Chrome and give it a try

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