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Why Write When You Can Talk?

February 5, 2009

The blogosphere has clearly entered the mainstream in the last few years, making its powerful presence felt often. The majority of bloggers do most of their talking through, well, writing. One of the beauties of blogging is you don’t have to have a formal training in writing to become successful. I am sure that others are like me though, and still sometimes have trouble getting exactly what they want to say down into words. This is where I think the most underutilized tool in the Web 2.0 arsenal can come into play; the video.

With cheap cameras like the Flip Video coming out that allow to to easily load your personal videos onto the web in seconds, creating home video content has seen a boom in recent years (just check out YouTube). While viral type videos have become incredibly popular, there hasn’t been a particularly big increase in video podcasts and vlogs. Not only is it easier for some people to speak what they are thinking than write it, but with the increasing quality of Internet speeds, it will be easier and faster for many people to watch a vlog then read a blog.

One industry that has taken advantage of the podcasts is traditional journalism. Many news and sports sites have podcasts of their journalists columns or radio appearances available for download on a daily basis. This has become a fairly popular method of getting news for many people who do not have time to read or watch the news in the morning, so instead the download the podcasts and pop it onto their ipods so they can listen to it at any time during the day. I think that popular bloggers could benefit from this by creating podcasts for their fans to be able to listen to them anywhere!

If this trend hasn’t picked up by now, I dont know if it will. If you know anyone who uses this method of distributing their blogs let us know!

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