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Domino’s vs Subway

January 2, 2009

Using taste tests to discredit competitors, particularly when you only have one major one, is not a new idea. Burger King had the national taste test of their fries against McDonald’s, and Coke vs Pepsi, years ago, but it has become much more frequent recently due to more urgency within companies to retain customers during this time in the economy. So lately Dunkin’ Donuts got in the act, and Burger King also made a reappearance with its somewhat controversial international taste tests. These are all corporations that are in close competition with its taste test counterparts, so the campaign makes a lot of sense, but the newest company to get in the action is a little more surprising: Domino’s.

And it’s not even that surprising that they are doing one, but more who their competitor is. When I think Domino’s competitors I think Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. But Domino’s is making a strong play to not be pegged as a pizza restaurant anymore, but as a sandwich company as well. For years Subway and Quizno’s have dominated the deli sandwich world, but in Domino’s new campaign, they shocked the sandwich world announcing that in a national taste test, people preferred their subs to Subways!!

I have been unable to find any of the Domino’s ad’s online to post up, so if anyone has them and could link me to them that would be great. From the ones I have seen though, they are using humorous analogies to get their message across. The ads have been silly, and not laugh out loud funny, but I think the ads definitely work to get their point across. While this was a suprising move to me, I think it was a very well conceived campaign that should definitely carve them a niche in the sandwich business, and take some market share from Subway, and maybe even Quizno’s.

I personally have been a Subway fan for years, almost always going to them for lunch, but this campaign has at least swayed me into trying Quizno’s subs next time I am out for lunch.

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