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The Powers Are Aligning: MySpace and Google

December 9, 2008

Not long after a failed merger of Mircosoft and Yahoo (in an attempt to gain ground on the seemigly omnipotent Google), MySpace and Google are joining forces to combat the social power of Facebook.

Yesterday in Paris, MySpace announced that it would put into effect its new strategy for making sharing of information between its users easier on other sites. Theyhope to do this by creating what they call a “MySpaceID” that would allow MySpacers to log onto their account on other sites to allow them to share content much easier.

The alliance with Google is to bolster both of their simila services, in a hope that more sites will embrace them as a package.

Facebook is currently trying to install a similar service, and by both doing so they will be able to gain a lot more information about its users that may be even more appealing to advertisers.  They are both trying to become more then just a social networking site, but also a central site for altheir users online interests.

While one alliance is being made currently, another is in the works as well, with Facebook selling some of its stocks to Microsoft, and using some of its other services. These four Internet giants are just scraping the edges of possible future mergers, and if any ever did merge, it would create quite an online powerhouse.

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