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IKEA is Giving Billboard’s a Comeback!

December 4, 2008

I can’t remember the last time I saw a billboard and thought, “wow, thats really cool!,” or thought that any type of creativity was put into one. IKEA changed my mind on this though, with their new campaign, especially with their 3-D Joy billboard, that shows two people sitting in an living room, in 3-D!. I have seen lots of billboards, but I can’t ever remember seeing any completely three dimensional ones. There idea was simple, but I think it gets across its message to its audience very well. It’s difficult to get an effective billboard put together because of how short the time span is that people normally have to look at them, but IKEA has done that by just showing something easy to recognize, and attractive; a fully furnished room by them from an overhead view. By using the overhead view they also gave themselves the ability to create another great image (“LOVE”) with the furniture. I give a lot of respect to IKEA for bringing back a advertising outlet that I had considered all but creatively dead, and making it into a noteworthy campaign.

The agency behind this campaign is Toronto based agency Zig, led by creative director Martin Beauvais. Here is the link to check out this the two billboards described above at Creativity-Online, as well as a few others.

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