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Hate It Or Love It – Whopper Virgins

December 3, 2008

I believe this campaign has the potential of being interesting, but I have my doubts about it as well. While it could be relatively interesting, I think it is also a stretch, as well as potentially extremely insensitive.

Was Burger King not confident enough in its signature sandwich the Whopper to beat out McDonald’s burgers in the US? Their taste test between their fries went well a few years ago, and even converted me into a Burger King fry fan. I think if they knew they would have won a taste test in the US, or other large nations that commonly have fast food, they would have done that. I hope consumers will see the difference between people trying one sandwich with nothing comparable to compare it to in their diet, does not make the Whopper better.

Not only is the campaign a little far fetched, but it looks like it could be very insensitive. If Burger King is giving taste tests to people in countries where hunger is a serious problem, that is just rubbing in their faces that we have such an excess of food that we have to travel around the world competing to see what kind of fast food burger is better.

While I think Burger King had a good idea going with the “Whopper Virgin” idea, I think the campaign was ill-conceived. Overall I have to say I really dislike this campaign, but I am going to wait to see it to pass final judgment. If anyone has any more information on how this was done, please let me know, or if you already hate it or love it, let me know!

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