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GM Drops Tiger Woods From Buick Endorsement

December 2, 2008

Tiger Woods has been dropped by GM after a nine year run endorsing Buick, and with only one year left on their contract. GM was quick to acknowledge that Woods has been extremely helpful for them with trying to rebrand themselves towards younger consumers, which was relatively successful. The Enclave campaign with Woods did particularly well, with 78% of the buyers being first time Buick owners.

Woods does not seem to be bothered by the separation, being quoted as saying that he had been looking forward to finding more free time to spend with his soon to be born second child. And I am sure GM doesn’t mind freeing up the money they would have had to pay him next year. While the split was unexpected, both parties seem to have left each other feeling like they had a good run, but it was just time.

Woods is arguably the most famous, and influential athlete in the wold right now, and it will be interesting to see if another car company will be interested in giving him an a new deal. That may be difficult right now, especially because of how much Woods would probably require to get him (his GM contract was rumored to be worth near $7 Million a year). With that being said, I personally am glad to see Woods free of Buick. I always had a hard time picturing him driving down Rodeo Drive in his Buick Lucerne. I think he would be much more effective endorsing a car that compliments his stature, like Lexus or BMW. During this crisis we may not see Woods sporting a new car name on his golf bag at the next US Open, but I am sure that he will eventually be leaning on another car in an ad in the not too far future.


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