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Turkey Trouble on Thanksgiving? Butterball is Going 2.0

November 26, 2008

New to creating your own turkey? Not sure how the hell to go about it? I certainly have no idea, like many teenagers and 20 somethings, but Butterball has created the answer for us. For 27 years now, Butterball, a top selling turkey brand, has been providing a highly needed commodity to Thanksgiving newbs like me. A Turkey Talk-Line. It has been wildly popular and growing in size every year, but as the world goes 2.0, so has Butterball. This is their first year providing a number of new services to the web integrated consumers they get the most interest from.

The first new service they are offering is a interactive blog in which Thanksgiving chefs can talk on their iPhone or computer to Butterball experts at any time from November 3, to December 31. For many people who have grown up gathering all their information on the Internet, this may be an easier way for us to interact and learn then on the phone. It also makes it easier to record what the Butterball expert has said by just reading back on the blog.

The other service that I like even more is the Turkey Text Messaging. This is not an interactive service like the blogging, but just as helpful in many other ways. You can sign up for the text messages on by entering your number on the mobile phone page. Then, they will send you new recipes good tips for cooking, as well as send you updates as to when you should begin to thaw your turkey and when to begin prepping certain things. This is very helpful for the rookies like me who had no idea that a turkey had to often be put in the oven as far ahead as the night before?!mobileimage2

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