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“Green Your Routine”? NBC is.

November 18, 2008

Going Green has become increasingly popular throughout the world. Our society has slowly begun to make the necessary steps to improve our deteriorating environment, and even major corporations have begun to contribute as well. Everyone has seen the increasing popularity and production of hybrids by all the major car companies, and now another influential corporation is trying to their part; NBC.

The week of November 16th-22nd is NBC’s “Green is Universal” week. Everything on their network will be green for the week, even the peacock logo. I first became aware of their week long campaign on Sunday Night Football Countdown, when the hosts did a segment called “Green Your Routine,” where each host explained a different way their they had greened up their life recently. Who is to say whether any of what they said was true or not, but I did like the idea.

So just like Bob Costas on Sunday Night Football, I would like to announce what I have been doing to go green….and that is I have quit buying two coffees a day from Dunkin’ Donuts, which I have been doing for years now, and this has drastically reduced the amount of non-biodegradable material I throw away. Instead, I have been using travel mugs as frequently as possible to feed my caffeine habit. This is probably less then I should be doing, but it is at least a start.

Green is Universal

Green is Universal

I stumbled across an interesting product that can help people cut down on their electricity usage in their homes, which is not only helping the environment, but your wallet as well. it is called the “Kill A Watt,” (made by Smarthome) and it is not only useful, but cleverly ironic name as well! This device (pictured below) can be plugged into your wall outlet, where you then plug in any appliance, and it will help you figure out what the true energy guzzlers are in your house. This is just one more way for people to green their routine.

Kill A Watt

Kill A Watt

Now YOU let us know how you are greening up your routine?!?!?

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